Grant Ambridge

Senior Partner

Lexcel Accredited solicitors london

Grant has been practising exclusively as a criminal defence solicitor since 2002.

He trained and worked at two notable criminal firms before deciding that he wanted own his practice delivering the service that he was of the view all clients deserved no matter what the offence. It also allowed him to recruit a committed and specialist team who would be able to follow the remit of a committed defence practice.

Grant specialises in advising on Fraud , Homicide and serious sexual offences at all stages of the criminal justice system. He is regularly involved in cases investigated and prosecuted by the CPS, Trading Standards, National Crime Agency and HMRC. He regularly attends to represent people who are interviewed under caution, appears at the Magistrates Court and works with Counsel in the preparation of the defence at the Crown Court.

Grant has been recognised for his ability in his field by the highly regarded Chambers and Partners Directory, he is currently ranked at Band 3 with the Firm now recognised as Notable Firm in the field. He has been described by many in the market place as the following:

“The most intuitive criminal solicitor I have met” – Chambers 2015
“Very practical approach to cases” – Chambers 2016
“Very good with clients” – Chambers 2016

[ Grant Ambridge ]

Admitted: 2002

0207 701 8653

Notable career cases include:

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R v. R - Central Criminal Court - 2005 ( Murder and Firearms )

Defendant was charged with one other of shooting another man at a Traveller Site in Surrey. The Defendant, following a full Trial, was acquitted of all charges. Andrew Trollope QC (187 Fleet Street) and Susan Rodham (5 Kings Bench Walk) instructed as Counsel.

R v. H - Central Criminal Court - 2006 ( Murder )

16 year old boy accused together with one other of stabbing a man outside the Mass Nightclub in Brixton.

Andrew Campbell Tiech QC and Zarif Khan (Drystone Chambers ) Instructed Counsel.

R v. JC - Guildford Crown Court - 2011 ( Murder )

Defendant accused of murdering his employee with one punch following an argument in the work place. The Defendant was acquitted of murder. Trevor Burke QC (3 Raymond Buildings) and Charles Langley (2 Bedford Row)

R v. R - Truro Crown Court - 2009 ( Murder )

Defendant was accused of shaking her baby son to death whilst on a family holiday. Following a lengthy trial and the instruction of various medical experts in her defence, she was acquitted of all charges. Maura Mcgowan QC and Charles Langley (2 Bedford Row) instructed  Counsel

R v. JM - Central Criminal Court - 2013 ( Murder )

Defendant charged with murdering his former partner and mother of his child. He then hid the body in the boot of his car to avoid detection. Following a full trial the Defendant was acquitted of murder. Orlando Pownall QC (2 Hare Court) and Charles Langley (2Bedford Row) instructed Counsel.

R v. EM - Hove Crown Court - 2014 ( Murder )

Defendant charged with shooting a rival on a busy Brighton Street. Case involved a large number of eye witnesses and the instruction of Firearms experts. Following a fully contested trial the Defendant was acquitted of all charges. Simon Mayo QC (187 Fleet Street) and Leon Kazakos (2 Hare Court) instructed Counsel.

R v. MM - Kingston Crown Court - 2012 ( Fraud and money laundering )

R v M & Ors (2011 & 2012) [Operation Vara] [Fraud] – Lead Junior Defending– Successfully defended a man accused of evasion of import Duty and VAT on gold jewellery. Over £8 million evasion involving an international investigation which moved from the UK to Europe, on to India and Dubai.

This was a case involving a conspiracy to evade import duty and VAT payable on the importation of gold jewellery. In total over £8 million was said to have been evaded. Mr Martin was led in this case by Mr Leon Kazakos and represented a defendant accused of being one of the men responsible for importing the gold Jewellery from Dubai into Frankfurt. The fraud involved the handover of the gold to another member of the conspiracy who would then import into the UK passing off the import as intra-EU trade and therefore VAT exempt. Some of these activities were observed by a covert intelligence unit of the German Police. The case involved complex VAT legal questions as well as jurisdictional issues.

Following 4 Trials the defendant was acquitted of all charges
Leon Kazakos (2 Hare Court) and James Martin (5 Kings Bench Walk) instructed Counsel.

R v. B AL - Southwark Crown Court - 2013 ( Fraud and conspiracy )

This was a case involving fraud and conspiracy to cheat the Revenue – The defendant was charged with defrauding HMRC by claiming Film Tax Credits and VAT for the making of a feature film “Landscape of Lies”. The case involved over 10000 pages of evidence and multiple defendants.
Orlando Pownall QC (2 Hare Court) and Charles Langley (2 Bedford Row) instructed Counsel.

R v. R, R and R - Croydon Crown Court - 2013 ( Fraud )

This was a large scale building fraud on multiple homeowners. The value of the fraud was in excess of £500,000. Voluminous material building experts needed to be instructed to assess the quality and value of the work. Confiscation sought in excess of £3 million. This was eventually negotiated down to £300,000 for the main Defendant only.
Trevor Burke QC (3 Raymond Buildings), Charles Langley (2 Bedford Row) and Leon Kazakos (2 Hare Court) Instructed Counsel.

R v. HS - Birmingham Crown Court - 2011 ( Fraud and money laundering )

Operation Elemi. The Defendant was charged with laundering the proceeds of large scale MTIC frauds. The case involved voluminous amounts of evidence and a lengthy trial with multiple defendants.

R v. VM - Manchester Crown Court - 2016 ( Drug Importation )

Ongoing Trial for the importation of cocaine and heroin. The Defendant was charged with others of being an organiser in importing large quantities of drugs from Belgium. Investigated and prosecuted by the National Crime Agency.

James Martin (5 Kings Bench Walk) instructed as counsel.

R v. MR & PR - Nottingham Crown Court - 2016 ( Money Laundering and conspiracy )

Ongoing proceedings for Conspiracy to Defraud and Money Laundering involving 16 defendants and in excess of 20,000 pages of evidence.

Charles Langley (2 Bedford Row) and Leon Kazakos (2 Hare Court) instructed Counsel.

R v. TR - Nottingham Crown Court - 2016 ( Conspiracy and trafficking )

This case involved conspiracy to rape and people trafficking. The Defendant were charged with 35 other defendants to rape and traffic vulnerable persons for the purpose of sexual abuse. Following defence disclosure requests and legal argument the matter was stayed for abuse of process.

Charles Langley (2 Bedford Row) instructed Counsel.

R v. MR - Blackfriars Crown Court - 2016 ( Money laundering )

This was a case where the first Defendant was represented. He was a businessman, in a multi-handed high value alleged money laundering conspiracy. The trial, which was expected to take six weeks, collapsed on the third day as a result of successful legal arguments and persistent disclosure requests which caused the prosecution to offer no evidence. All defendants acquitted.

Richard Wormald (3 Raymond Buildings) instructed Counsel.

R v. MH - Manchester Crown Court - 2014 ( Conspiracy to assist an offender )

This case involved a conspiracy to assist an offender. The Defendant was charged with others of assisting the notorious Dale Cregan by helping him escape and hide after he had assassinated rivals and prior to killing two unarmed police officers. Following two trials the Crown offered no evidence due to lack of disclosure.

Tyrone Smith QC (25 Bedford Row) and Emma Goodhall (Doughty Street)

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